The Pros and Cons of entering an Open Relationship

As pornography and sex become more popular, so has the interest in alternate lifestyles. Couples are discarding monogamy and instead choosing to be swingers. However, being in an open relationship comes with good and bad.

Pros Of Open Relationships –

Perhaps one of the things swingers enjoy the most about their lifestyles is the lack of jealousy problems. They can engage in sex with others knowing full well their partner is okay with it.

The ability to have sex with others is in fact a plus in open relationships. Sexual freedom it’s a major factor for being a swinger.

Higher amount of sex is a pro you will enjoy from being in an open relationship. You get to try out new partners more often, depending on the clubs or sex parties you join.

Another pro is never getting bored about sex. Since you are doing it with different partners, the sex fire is always lit.

Although this is only in theory, most people who are swingers have no guilt. That means you don’t have to feel guilty about looking at others and dreaming of having sex with them.

Learning new sexual positions, acts or other romantic sex acts is a plus for alternative lifestyle participants.

Cons Of Open Relationships –

While most say that there is no jealousy if you’re in an open partnership, that is not always the case. Human beings by nature are territorial. Eventually, it will come a time when you or your partner will feel jealous about a certain sex event or person.

STDS and pregnancies come in higher numbers for people who swing. More so if they don’t practice safe sex. Still, since there is no sure 100% safe contraceptive, the chance for this is always there.

The secrecy of what you do may be a burden and can also be problematic if you have children. In other cases, some have lost their jobs or friends once they are found out.

One of the biggest issues you may have to deal with when your partner is able to have sex with others, is that one day they can leave you. If they run into someone that makes them happier, it can happen. This is a common con for people who get to try new dishes all the time.

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